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Save Koh Tao


Save Koh Tao

On an island that plays host to up to 500,000 visitors per year, around 90% of which get in the water to take part in some form of water activity whether its SCUBA, snorkeling or swimming, we want to try to preserve the paradise that we have all come to love. But where do we start? Education and awareness are the best starting points. Bringing local school children down to learn about the marine environment and some of the many problems it faces, is a great way to instill the value of preservation at a young age. We have organised days looking at sharks, turtles and fish of Koh Tao through a series of lectures and games to be more child friendly. Beach clean ups are an ideal opportunity to get people involved and often attracts attention from resorts, tourists and locals. Everyday trash finds its way onto our beaches and during high tide makes its way into the water surrounding the island. Beach cleanups are a great way to reduce the amount of trash that is found on the beaches especially the build up of plastic bags, bottles and cigarette butts and prevent there impact on our marine life. The added bonus to doing beach cleanups is that anyone passing by can see the work being done and can and usually do ask questions as to why its being done and how they can help. Underwater clean ups are incredibly rewarded both as a dive school and as a island. It gives an opportunity to raise awareness on a much larger scale by involving more people. The trash is weighed and counted and in group events can be compiled from different dive sites. Government organisations like the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources), the Thai Navy, and the Marine Fisheries Department help in the preservation of both our island and our ocean. The DMCR have donated upwards of 4,000 concrete cubes to be used as part of an artificial reef in a number of bays around the area. The cubes are hollow and provide great refuse for marine species, they provide a new habitat i


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